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Item 02: Blanche Mitchell diary, 28 January 1858-27 December 1858 28 January 1858-27 December 1858

whole time he talked of nothing but the virtues and beauties of Emily ('the Countess' as he called her). This is the night of the McArthur's ball. Rain poured, but we went in the carriage at eight. It was a very nice party, at least everybody thinks so. I do not think the like, for no one ever introduced me to anybody, and as I did not know a single officer that was there of course they did not dance with me. Nevertheless I danced very much with Smythes and Skinners and those I did know, as my shoes, which are full of holes, will testify. But I think it a great shame that Mr McArthur, Kate or even Alice did not introduce me to anybody, and there were lots of gentlemen there, and there was Alice dancing round, because she knows people and gets introduced. But Mr M. did not behave at all well to me. When Kate and Minna and I were sitting alone on a bench, and they had been all dancing and I had missed that one, he comes up with a gentleman to Kate, introduces her, and then goes off again and brings up another, an officer, to Minna, who was sitting with me, and there was I left alone. He never introduced a single soul to me all night, nor took the slightest
Published date:
28 January 1858-27 December 1858