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Jan. 16, 1933 (3rd day broadcasting) in Gillette Safety Razor Company - Cables and radio scripts concerning the 'bodyline' cricket series, 1932-1933 1932-1933

By Gillette Safety Razor Company

Jan. 16, 1933. 3rd day Broadcasting

ord5 adelaideoval 87 16 1335
fine warmer perfect 25000 start runs slowly larwood allen bowling feeling bitter woodfull declining warners sympathy saturday replying not discuss one side unplaying cricket ruining game time decent men get out game richardson onplayed allen shattered australian hopes ponsford 50 122 inutes bowling frequently changed batsmen cautious scoring slow field well placed but runs steadily partnership ponsford oldfield added 50/56 minutes lunch still together great enthusiasm crowd applauded loudly as players came in ponsford 80 richardson allen 28 5/131 oldfield 26 extras 13 5/185 lunch + post lunch voce hammond bowled nip added ponsford glancing bowled 216 mintues 8/4 invaluable warner officially states woodfull expressed regret today saturdays incident now closed all best friends paynter injured ankle left field badly sprained ponsford voce 85 6/194 oldfield 37 grimmett voce allen 14 7/212 sundries 14 7/212 three oclock +
oldfield retired hurt 41 wall hammond six 9/222 oreilly larwood nil 8/222 ironmonger nil total 222 when 41 oldfield struck head ball larwood staggered fell crowd hooting field crowded round after five minutes oldfield supported by woodfull walked off holding towel to head play resumed crowd still hooting paynters injury

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