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Kangaroo dog owned by Mr Dunn of Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1853 / painted by Thomas Tyrwhitt Balcombe

Kangaroo dog owned by Mr Dunn of Castlereagh Street, Sydney 1853

By Thomas Balcombe

Thomas Balcombe completed many commissions for sporting and animal subjects including boxing matches and hunting scenes and portraits of prize-winning horses, cattle and dogs. Canine portraiture became extremely popular in the 19th century, with artists such as Balcombe employed by wealthy clients to document treasured pets and valuable working animals.

The kangaroo dogs depicted in this work and in its companion portrait are shown as regal and strong, poised at the ready for the chase, with eyes wide and alert.

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Oil on canvas
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ML 336
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Out of copyright: Artist died before 1955

Please acknowledge: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

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Historical Dates
Started Saturday, 1 January 1853
Finished Saturday, 31 December 1853