Modifying and managing Circular Quay for the future?

Student activities

Task no. 1

How can the spaces within Circular Quay be modified and managed for the future?

Students write a one page persuasive letter outlining their views on the Government’s proposed upgrades to Circular Quay and making recommendations for how the design could be improved or changed, if appropriate.

Optional additional activity

Working collaboratively, students design a concept for an upgrade of Circular Quay that improves access and functionality for its users as well as maintaining the area’s scenic and heritage values. This can be created as a 2D plan, sketch, 3D model or virtual 3D model.

Students create a one page persuasive speech that explains the significance of Circular Quay to Sydney and promotes the benefits of their concept. They present their model and speech to their class in a 2-3 minute presentation.