Collage illustration of a cat and two children walking past a dark wall with eyes

Writing spooky stories

Duration: 45 minutes
Virtual excursion
Stage 3

Join us for a spooky creative writing journey! 


Be inspired by the State Library’s imposing façade and ornate interior to compose some atmospheric and spooky descriptive writing. Your students will be guided through a series of activities designed to develop their creative writing skills. 

Students will need a pencil and paper for this session.

Curriculum outcomes


EN3-CWT-01 Plans, creates and revises written texts for multiple purposes and audiences through selection of text features, sentence-level grammar, punctuation and word-level language  

Please note

This session, artworks, film and sound clips are protected by copyright and may not be recorded, reproduced or used in any way without the express written consent of the State Library of NSW. 

Excursion Summary




45 minutes

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