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Lepturus cylindricus 1803 - 1806?

By John Lewin


10 drawings are titled or annotated in a hand believed to be Lewin's (cf. copy of letter signed John Wm Lewin, filed at PXn 674). All but 3 of the remaining drawings are inscribed in sepia ink and/or pencil in a number of different hands. The majority have been annotated by Allan Cunningham (cf. Cunningham's hand, ML ref. A 1754 and MLDoc 252) in sepia ink, with some later revisions in pencil, and further corrections/verifications in pencil made and initialled by Joseph Maiden.

The majority of the drawings are inscribed with numbers in an unknown hand; 7 drawings (ff. a-e, 178a, 178b) are numbered in Library Officer's hand. 48 of the 257 drawings have watermarks.

Note comparing this collection with the Cunningham Expedition botanical sketches held by the Library, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, are filed at PXn 511.
Related collection is filed at DG*D 42 -- see PXn 550
Note detailed descriptions are not available for nos. 252-259.

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Call Number:
SAFE / PXC 304
Published date:
1803 - 1806?