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Letter from Gubby Allen to his father, Jan. 12, 1933 ~ Jan. 12, 1933, pg.1 in Sir Walter Allen - letters from George 'Gubby' Allen, 1932-33, 1936-37 1932-33, 1936-37

By Allen, Walter, Sir

ML MSS 5571 (Gubby Allen)

Pier Hotel
South Australia
Jan 12 1932[3]

Plum sends his love.

Darling Dad,
I had the most depressed letters from you and Mum this mail which really rather amused me. It was very sweet of you both to be so upset about what because Warwick Armstrong said wrote some utter rot about my running on the wicket. Actually there was no trouble about it at all. Woodfull just said, "be sure to keep wide of the wicket" upon to which I I so replied "we have got to bat last so I am not likely to make a spot for Grimmett if I can help it". The subject never came up again or in the 2nd Test and noone everbowled pitched a ball in the crack during either match. I saw W. Armstrong today and asked what trivel [drivel] what he was going to work up this time: he had a good deal

Call Number:
MLMSS 5571
Published date:
1932-33, 1936-37