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Letter from Lachlan Macquarie to Samuel Marsden, 8 January 1818 8 January 1818

By Samuel Marsden
as much as such conduct, on your part tends to inflame the mind of the Inhabitants, excite a clamour against my Government, bring my administration into disrepute, and disturb the General Tranquility of the Colony. Such conduct, Sir, would be highly Criminal in any man; but still much more so in you as being both a Magistrate and a Clergyman' who ought to be the first to set an example of loyalty, obedience, and proper subordination! 4th. As I was myself Personally the object of your seditious, malicious, and officious investigation, on the occasion adverted to, I did not wish tho' I knew what was going forward at the time to interrupt your treacherous and insidious endeavours to injure my Character and thereby gratify your own spirit of revenge! But now, that I conclude that you have fully completed your investigation on the subject
Published date:
8 January 1818