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Letter of purchase 4 December 1891

By Sir Saul Samuel

Wedgwood Medallions.


4th December 1891.



I have the honour to inform you that I have purchased, at a cost of Thirty-five pounds (£35), and forwarded to your address, two old "Wedgwood" Medallions, modelled in 1789 by Webber, one of Wedgwood's celebrated designers, and made from clay, procured from Sydney Cove,  sent to England by Sir Joseph Banks.

The Medallians represent "Hope addressing Peace, Art, and Labour", and I trust they will be regarded as an interesting exhibit for the Sydney Museum.

The case containing the Medallions will be shipped per SS "Austral", the advice of which


The Honourable,
The Prime Minister,

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A 3935
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4 December 1891