Collection Item 

Manuscript book of statutes containing Magna Carta and 20 other statutes in Latin or French. Page 3

Each leaf measures about 94 x 63 mm. Number of lines to a page varies, approx. 20. Rubricated with headlines and marginal numbers underlined in red. A few illuminated initials. Foliation and some of the headlines of a later date. Leaf 65-66 wanting and supplied at a later date on paper. Foliation irregular, leaf 43 out of place between 56 & 57; 46 omitted; one between 51 & 52 not numbered.; 51-54 and 56-59 repeated.
Date of ca. 1330 confirmed by Dr Warner of the B.M. Latest dated statute is 1328 or 1329.
Vol. shows traces of having been wet.
Apparently contemporary binding, flush with the leaves, of remains of skin over boards with clasps.
Contents list supplied at end of vol. by N.M. Richardson. Only mark of ownership is that of Nelson Moore Richardson.