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pg.2 in Sir Walter Allen - letters from George 'Gubby' Allen, 1932-33, 1936-37 1932-33, 1936-37

By Allen, Walter, Sir

to say but I left him to tell the groundsman. The newspapers & general public in this country, though they have all been exceedingly nice to me, are simply dreadful & far worse than in England. They never leave Douglas Jardine alone for a minute and they publish the most unfounded statements which are certainly libelous but, of course, one can do nothing about it. D.R.J. asks for it with his (offensive) manner and is then hurt when they say nasty things about him. I certainly was depressed for a short time after the 1st Test as I bowled very badly & thought there was no chance of my playing again in a test out here. Now it looks as though I shall play in several as I have been picked to play again tomorrow in the 3rd Test. They have left out Pataudi For Paynter, which I am all against; though Pataudi has not once impressed me the same may be said of Paynter and he has not made nearly as many runs. I have also noted that the English papers talk

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MLMSS 5571
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1932-33, 1936-37