Privacy - CCTV Footage

Circumstances relating to the approval of the copying of a recorded incident. 

The Manager, Enterprise Information or the Privacy Contact Officer (PCO) in consultation with the Director, Operations & CFO and the Security Coordinators, may approve the copying of a recorded incident which is then set aside in a secure cabinet.  

These circumstances include:

  • where there is footage of an incident with the potential to result in a breach of Library Regulation 2010, or is subject to legal proceedings or a civil claim;
  • as a result of a reasonable request from a solicitor (pending a court order for the release of the footage).

Video recordings of a specific incident may be released to the NSW Police Service or other law enforcement agency subject to the execution of a search warrant or other legal process and only with the approval of the NSW State Librarian & Chief Executive or delegate, and in consultation with the Manager, Enterprise Information or the PCO.

Law enforcement agencies

Members of law enforcement agencies seeking copies from CCTV footage should complete the form or contact the Manager, Enterprise Information.