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Series 02 Folder 130 Item 06: May Gibbs, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, 1918 - p7

By May Gibbs

All day they walked upon a busy high road.(see them in the picture – Snug is leaning out of a nut stealing a bun. It is a grass root bun)

At last it grew dark and being very tired they went to sleep in a hollow tree. Now it so happened that a very Greedy Owl lived in this tree.
When Cud went to sleep Snug had covered him with dry leaves to keep him cosy. So when greedy Owl opened his eyes the first thing he blinked at was Snugglepots little fair body lying in the moonlight.

"Pink Mouse! Pink Mouse!" and I am so hungry"muttered Greedy Owl.

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