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Series 02: Petrel Papers: a weekly magazine issued on board the ship 'Parramatta' outward bound from London to Sydney, 1882-1883, Editor John Maffey, L.R.C.P., 1882 1882

the little competitors prizes, consisting of toys, the captains own photographs, books & sweets, these latter were kindly handed to the small folk by Mr Houlding with a few genial and appropriate remarks to each.
Equatorial Sports prize distribution.
On the evening of the 8th of November the prizes gained during the Equatorial sports of the day previously were gracefully distributed by Miss Moulton to the successful competitors. Her Majesty in future was seated at a small table covered with the Union Jack & placed upon the Poop. The details of the competitors we have given elsewhere, the amount distributed being upwards of £7. The whole of sum went to the members of the Crew as though several of the passengers were successful in the contests they each stood on one side the prize going to the next best man if one of the Sailors.

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