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[Sunset in New South Wales], 1865 / Eugene von Guerard

Sunset in New South Wales 1865

By Eugene von Guérard

Austrian-born artist Eugene von Guérard arrived in Australia in 1853 to seek his fortune on the Victorian goldfields. Instead, he became one of Australia’s most important artistic figures. Von Guérard travelled widely throughout Victoria and New South Wales painting homesteads on commission and producing sublime, beautifully detailed landscape views such as this one.

While seemingly realistic, this is a composite work, based on drawings from two different locations. On the left, the tall cabbage tree palms are from American Creek, Wollongong; and the granite rocks, on the right, are from Hartley in the Blue Mountains. The title was assigned when the work was shown in the 1870 Intercolonial Exhibition in Sydney.

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Oil on canvas
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ML 258
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Out of copyright: Artist died before 1955

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Historical Dates
Started Sunday, 1 January 1865
Finished Sunday, 31 December 1865
Started Sunday, 1 January 1865
Finished Sunday, 31 December 1865