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Colour plan of proposed bridge design for Dawes' Point to Milson's Point.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Dawes' Point to Milson's Point, suspension design 1912 ... for tramway, vehicular and pedestrian traffic only. [and] (Cross section near tower) 1912

By J. J. C. Bradfield

Civil engineer John Job Crew (JJC) Bradfield proposed several designs for a bridge across Sydney Harbour, including a suspension bridge in 1912, and a cantilever bridge later that year. In 1922 he recommended the arch bridge we know today. While it is unclear who designed the final Sydney Harbour Bridge, it was probably a collaboration between Bradfield, the consulting engineer for Dorman Long & Co of Middlesbrough, England (the successful tenderers for construction of the bridge), and other Australian engineers working on the project.

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