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The Sydney Harbour Bridge Map [cartographic material commemorate the opening, 19th day of March, Lord, 1932. / Russell Lloyd.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Map commemorate the opening, 19th day of March, Lord 1932

By Russell Sydney Lloyd & Victoria Cowdroy

This pictorial map of Sydney was published as a commemorative souvenir to mark the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on 19 March 1932. The opening was a monumental occasion, attracting spectators from across the city, the country and New Zealand, as well as being broadcast to the United Kingdom and America. The bridge itself symbolised Sydney becoming a truly modern, global city. Vibrant and bustling, this map captures the sense of optimism this landmark event inspired. On closer inspection, touches of dark humour are revealed as well. Originally sold in bookshops and newsstands, copies are now rare. It was created by architect Russell Sydney Lloyd, with the figures drawn by commercial artist Victoria Cowdroy.

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