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Thomas Scott - 'Life of a Convict named "Isaacs" a Jew in Van Diemen's Land taken down from his own dictation in the year 1821 at Elizabeth River where he then was - Servant to Govr. Sorell as his Stock Keeper' - p4 1821

By Michael Isaacs

[Page 4]

Mother in French that the money was gone, although she had done as she 
desired her with it - She told her daughter to ask me if I knew anything of 
it. I told her I did not and wondered how she could ask me any such thing, 
and asked her if they thought I had robd them - She said it was all that She 
& her Mother Sister & Br were worth and she did not wish to make any more 
complaint about it so that she got it again for no stranger cd come into the 
house to take it - she then made a complaint to the offr who told me if I 
did not bring the money to light, that he wd flog me I made him no answer. 
He went & ordered a serjent to confine me I still had this money 
concealed. I was brought before the Coln. he told me if he cd prove it agt 
me he wd hang me.

But fortune was in my favour, so that they cd not bring it agt me -- & they shifted 
my quarters; and put me in another house under the eye of a sergeant - where 
I had but little opportunity of getting anything - One day as I was walking in a field 
by myself about a mile from the town I overhauled my former deposit, and found it 
to consist of 7 louis dors 65 dols 5 half dols & 27 francs.

I then thought I might rest myself a while, & I could make a very good shift 
without doing anything for some time. In a short time after we got routd for England - 
we shipped at Bordeaux and in 16 days arrived at Plymouth marched to Portsmouth 
4 days after arrival I got short of money & said to one of my comrades I will go 
out tonight and try what luck. He was agreeable to what I said, we went together 
& in the street fell in with a drunken Gentln I said now is our time to see what he has. 
Whilst he was looking in at a cooks window I served his pocket and found 2 
1/2d I then went round to the other side of him whilst my comrade was 
looking over his shoulder I went to the other side and got his handkerchief 
which only brought 1/7d I said to my comrade this is a very poor nights work 
& as we were going to the barracks we fell in with a drunken whore we asked 
her where she was going she told us tonak her a---e I gave her a push & 
knocked her down & searched her all over as she lay and only found 7 1/2d & 
a little snuff box with a silver sixpence in it I says then we will go home taking our way thro the Market Place I saw a drunken sailor he said he had 
been robbed of all the money he had I said to him it was a pity that he shd 
be servd in that manner & told him to go sleep till he got sober

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