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A chart of part of the interior of New South Wales 1822

by John Oxley

Dedicated to 'the Right Honourable the Earl Bathurst, K.G. one of His Majesty's principal Secretaries of State', this John Oxley map illustrates the early discoveries made into the interior of New South Wales. It was published in London by the well-known map publisher, Aaron Arrowsmith. This map encompasses the area from Moreton Bay to Port Phillip, and illustrates the exploring routes of William Howe, Meehan, Evans, Cunningham and Oxley between 1817-1823. These men were explorer-surveyors who travelled into the inland of New South Wales and mapped the western river systems. Oxley's map is remarkably detailed, providing lengthy descriptions on the land, the topography and the extent of water available, in some cases, the barren lack of water and the poor quality of soil.