Hassall family - correspondence, Volume IV, 1811-18951811-1895

consisting of 6 schollars 2 children a Convict lad a Sailor boy & 2 Na[indecipherable] and my encouragement still less tho not altogether in vain. letters from [indecipherable] On my arrival in England in the course of Providence I was situated at Lampeter So Wales here was no Sund School- We sun soon began one which has gone on very well considering the circumstances we laboured under- My departure from all these places has been truly affecting for and I begin to think there is something there in that addage- Love begets love- The children We love the children & the children love us- so that it is not to be wondered at that we drop the affectionate tear of parting & perhaps for ever – I shall read a letter from this last place- These simple facts added to the rapid progress this institution has made and the consideration of the fulfilment of Scriptural Prophesies are quite sufficient for our encouragement- I proceed to the necessity – Philosophies say that there are thousands of stars whose light has never left reached us how far this is correct I will not take upon me to say this however is clear that there are thousands of Children with all your exertions that the light of the Gospel has never reached who I trust shall shine as stars