Letter from David Unaipon to Dr Herbert Basedow, 21 April 1914, page 61914

by David Unaipon

Herbert Basedow - Papers, 1856-1932, 1941; with incidental papers of Professor Ralph Tate, 1879-1899


three things that have baffled science up to the present.

The Elixir of Life the Philosopher's Stone and Perpetual Motion. He told us about the many attempts made to bring about perpetual motion but have failed. That has made a great impression upon my mind gave me an ambition to rise: I have experimented with gravation to try and bring about perpetual motion with the result I invented the lateral motion applied to sheep shearing machine. I am struggling for an independent living I want some gentleman who will help me through with my machine by advancing me £25.00 (twenty five pound) and I will give him one third interest when machine sold. I have an offer already for the sheep shearing machine providing I standardize it which I have already done. I want money to get back to Melbourne: I may state here that

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