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Native tree ratsca. 1857-1858, 1861, 1866

by Gerard Krefft

The drawings were originally single works that were offered for sale after Krefft's death. A catalogue titled, "List of water colour drawings from nature of objects of natural history by Gerard Krefft" accompanies this volume. The drawings have been ordered according to this list however, the Mitchell library's set varies slightly missing catalogue No. 8 Rat; No. 18 Aboriginal's hand holding fork; and 6 sheets of drawings of beetles. The order of Nos. 8 & 9 is reversed from the catalogue. 
Nos. 3b & 4 are additional drawings not stipulated in the catalogue.
No. 3b is a pencil drawing on reverse of mount 3a.
No. 7 is composed of watercolour drawing and pasted on image.
The drawings bare evidence of repairs undertaken at an unknown date. The borders of No. 8 have been trimmed omitting part of Krefft's signature.