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Page 57 - Log of the Proceedings of His Majestys Ship Bounty in a Voyage to the South Seas, (to take the Breadfruit plant from the Society Islands to the West Indies,) under the Command of Lieutenant William Bligh, 1 Dec. 1787 - 22 Oct. 17881 Dec. 1787 - 22 Oct. 1788


There remained on board as Pirates and under Arms -
Fletcher Christian {Mate & acting {Lieutenant
George Stewart acting Masr Mate
Peter Haywood 2nd Mid
Edward Young 2nd Mid
Charles Churchill Ship's Corporl
Jno Mills Gunner's Mate
Jas Morrisson Boatn Mate
Thos Burkitt Ab
Math. Quintal Ab
Jno Sumner Ab
Jno Millward Ab
Wm McKoy Ab
Heny Hillbrandt Ab & Cooper
Wm Muspratt Ab & Taylor
Alex Smith Ab
Jno Williams Ab
Thos. Ellison Ab
Isaac Martin Ab
Richd Skinner Ab & Mastr Sevrt Ship's Barber
Mathew Thompson Ab
Wm Brown Botanist assistant
Michl Byrn Ab Fidler Boat Keeper & worthy of mercy
22 besides these were kept contrary to their inclinations
Josh Coleman Armourer
Chas Norman Carp. Mate
Thos McIntosh do. Crew
In all 25 Hands
This is briefly the statement of the Case. - The officers were called & forced into the Boat while I was under a Guard abaft the Mizen Mast' Christian holding me by the bandage that secured my hands with one hand' & a Bayonet in his other. The Men under arms around me had their pieces