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Series 02: Petrel Papers: a weekly magazine issued on board the ship 'Parramatta' outward bound from London to Sydney, 1882-1883, Editor John Maffey, L.R.C.P., 18821882


depends upon the fortuitous entry of the competition rather than actual strength – Surely some more approved plan could be adopted. Peterson secured the first prize and Houghton the second.
The Sack Race caused the usual amount of fun but the risk of accident from a tumble must be greatly enhanced then when such a contest takes place upon a greensward as on land. 
Ottewill secured first place, Vincent 2nd and Peterson 3rd.
Long jump standing Mr Baker started this by an apparently easy jump without much effort but it took a lot of beating, finally the result was Leonard first 8ft 10in. Burton second 8 feet, Devan making a plucky effort for a little fellow however only came third.
Deck chalking was the next item in the programme, this was another of the peculiarly nautical games. A rope was attached to the lifeboat & hung to within about a foot of the deck where a good sized loop was made, with this loop the feet of the competitor are hitched, he thus supporting himself face downwards & by the aid of his hands, the feat is then to pro-pel the body by the aid of the hands until it gets as nearly in a perpendicular position as possible head downwards & supporting yourself with an hand to make a chalk mark with the other as far from the point of starting as possible and then to recover the horizontal position at starting. This latter seems the great difficulty of the feat as there is always the tendency of the body to swing round with tension of the rope. We must mention that two of the boys Tommy Dodd and Peter Merreyfield made plucky efforts in this event made the latter eventually taking first place. Mr Ottewill one of the passengers, whom we learn had never tried the feat before, making a very good second, and Deven third.
The Greasy Pole Climbing elicted the fun to be expected. The boy Merrefield who took the [indecipherable]