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Doggerel Verse

Stimulus: #1: 
The Wonderful Large Wild Man (ca 1790s), unknown author

Student activities

Task no. 1

Doggerel Verse

Etymology and definition

The term doggerel was first used in the fourteenth century as an adjective and in 1650 as a verb.

Doggerel describes bad poetry or verse that might be considered to be fit only for dogs!  It might also refer to clumsy poetry that reminds the reader of a clumsy puppy lacks a good sense of balance.


Discuss what might be the features of bad poetry.

Make a list of the elements of a bad poem. Use these as a checklist for your own writing.

Write a three stanza poem about the Wonderful Large Wild Man that would be considered to be doggerel verse (i.e. the purpose of this task is to write a bad poem). One of the features of this poem should be forced or clumsy rhymes.

A Description of a wonderful large wild man, or monstrous giant, brought from Botany-Bay, ca 1789
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