Source Interrogation

Topic: Why Australians enlisted to fight, their experiences at war, and the impact of WWI on Australia.
Student activity
Australians at War: World Wars I and II

This is the student activity 1 of 1 of the The Fry family story: service and sacrifice learning activity.

Task No. 1

Source Interrogation

Box 5: World War I photograph album of Dene Barrett Fry and Alan Fraser Fry, including portraits as children, and scenes in Egypt, Turkey, and South Africa, ca. 1898-1916
Part 01: Alan Fraser Fry letters, 8th August 1914- 28 January 1917
Part 02: Dene Barrett Fry letters, 17th May 1915-16 April 1917
Item 02: James Arthur Barrett Fry letters received, 1915-1924
Item 03: Dene B. Fry diary, 21 August 1916-26 January 1917
Box 2: Fry family photographs, ca. 1870-1945
Item 01: Alan Fraser Fry postcards, ca. 1900-1916
Item 03: Alan Fraser Fry wallet, 1915
Item 04: James Arthur Barrett Fry papers concerning Alan and Dene Fry, 1916-1919, mainly regarding their military service and deaths in World War I
Item 06: Alan Fraser Fry badges, ca. 1914-1916
Item 02: Alan Fraser Fry letters, ca. 1900-1916
Fry family - medals, 1914-1919

Use the sources below and your own research to answer the following questions. Refer explicitly to the evidence provided by the primary source material in your answers. 

  1. What do we know about Alan and Dene Fry from this collection of sources?
  2. What does the evidence suggest about the attitudes of the Fry brothers to joining the armed forces?
  3. How did their attitude change during the course of the war? 
  4. What does the evidence suggest about how the Fry brothers were remembered by their family and friends? 

Note about sources

In conducting your research, you will need to click on each collection item below (on the icon with an “SL” in a box at the bottom left corner of the image) and then again on the image in the pop-up to access the full record, and further sources on the State Library’s website.

Most sources have been transcribed (i.e. typed up so they are easier to read). Where provided, the link to the transcribed version of the source can be found on its online catalogue record. See below for an example of where to find this link. 


Extract from a State Library of NSW catalogue record, showing the location of the link to the transcript, which has been circled in red.
Figure 1: Extract from a catalogue record, showing the location of a link to the transcript (circled in red) for the image/item.