Henry Lawson's Poems

Student activity
Task No. 1

Henry Lawson's Poems

  • Choose a poem from a selection provided by your teacher.
  • Idependently write a summary of what the poem is about.
  • Highlight unknown words (look these up in a dictionary), distinctly Australian words and rhyming words. Add these words to the word wall.
  • Practice reading the poem out loud.
  • In groups of three students share what your poem is about and recite it.
Task No. 2

Writing a poem

[Stoneleigh, Beaufort near Ararat, Victoria], 1866 / Eugene von Guerard
[Mining camp, Victoria or New South Wales] ca. 1855-60
A mountain inn
Patterdale landscape, Tasmania

Henry Lawson got inspiration for his writing from the Australian landscape and people. You will be writing a poem using a painting from the State Library as a collection as inspiration.

  • Your poem should be 3 stanzas long with 4 lines in each stanza and should use features of Henry Lawson's poems, such as rhyming patterns and distinctly Australian words.
  • You can use the word wall for inspiration.
  • View the below paintings from the State Library collection.
  • Choose one painting to use for inspiration for your poem.
  • Your teacher can show you how to look these paintings up using the State Library catalogue.
  • Publish your poems and recite them to the class.