Games children play

Topic: The past in the present
Learning Activity
Schools & Teachers
Stage 1
Students explore pictures of games and toys from the past to identify things that have changed over time and things that have stayed the same.

Learning intention

We are learning to:

  • understand that some things change over time and some things stay the same. 

Success criteria

What I'm looking for:

  • I can describe how some games have changed or stayed the same over time.

Student Activities

What game is this?

Students examine photos of the games and activities that children have played in the past and discuss similarities and differences. 

Number of set tasks:

What toy is this?

Students look at a toy catalogue from 1945 and discuss how toys were different in the past.

Number of set tasks:
A catalogue page showing different toys for sale

Games past and present

Students examine a school sport photograph from 1917 and decide which sports were played in the past.

Number of set tasks:

NSW syllabus for the Australian curriculum: History K-10

HT1-3 describes the effects of changing technology on people’s lives over time

HT1-4 demonstrates skills of historical inquiry and communication

Comprehension: chronology, terms and concepts

  • sequence familiar objects and events (ACHHS031, ACHHS047)
  • distinguish between the past, present and future (ACHHS032, ACHHS048)

Use of sources

  • explore and use a range of sources about the past (ACHHS034, ACHHS05)
  • identify and compare features of objects from the past and present (ACHHS035, ACHHS051)

Empathetic understanding

  • recognise that people in the local community may have lived differently in the past


  • pose questions about the past using sources provided (ACHHS033, ACHHS049)

Explanation and communication

  • develop a narrative about the past (ACHHS037, ACHHS053)
  • use a range of communication forms (oral, graphic, written, role play) and digital technologies (ACHHS038, ACHHS054)

Continuity and change: some things change over time and others remain the same

Empathetic understanding: developing an understanding of another’s views, life and decisions made

Learning across the curriculum

  • Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking

The impact of changing technology on people’s lives (ACHHK046)

  • discuss the similarities and differences of technology from the past through a range of sources and sequence them over time
  • use a range of communications forms to explain how one example of changing technology affected people’s lives

How have changes in technology shaped our daily life?

Recommended reading

 Playground by Nadia Wheatley, illustrated by Ken Searle

 Australian kids through the years by Tania McCartney, illustrated by Andrew Joyner