Website Terms of Use

The State Library of New South Wales encourages clients to become involved in interactive sections of our website by commenting, sharing, participating in online discussions and, in some cases, uploading content.

When you do so, you agree that:

Your comments or contributed content, will not:

  • use obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit text or images;
  • discriminate against, vilify, harass, insult, impersonate or attack others or demean any person;
  • be defamatory, fraudulent or illegal in any way;
  • infringe the intellectual property rights of others;
  • be false or misleading;
  • compromise the privacy of yourself or others;
  • be added on behalf of a community member known by you to be suspended from interaction with the State Library website, channels and content.

When you refer to another person’s material, (for example, material contained on another website) you must include an appropriate attribution in your post/message.
You indemnify the Library against any and all liability arising from claims by third parties in relation to:

Your use of the Library website;

  • any content that you have contributed to the Library website; or
  • any breach by you of these Terms.

In relation to intellectual property, you:

  • warrant that you have all necessary intellectual property rights in relation to the content that you contribute to the State Library website and that your contribution does not infringe the rights of any others;
  • agree that you will not contribute content that you don’t own or content for which you haven’t acquired the necessary rights;
  • retain any intellectual property rights that exist in any content that you contribute to the State Library website, subject to any third party terms and conditions which may apply; and
  • give the Library an indefinite, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferrable, sub-licensable licence to use any of your content that you contribute, for any purposes of the State Library, subject to any third party terms and conditions. This means that the Library may use your content online and/or in whatever other ways the Library chooses including licencing under CCBY4.0, now and in the future, without acknowledging or making any payments to you. If you are not willing to grant the State Library these rights, please do not contribute content to the Library website.

You should be aware that your posted comments or other submissions can remain online indefinitely and may be found through search engines or online archives.

The Library recommends that contributions by children be supervised by an adult at all times.

If the Library considers that you have breached these terms in any way, we may:

  • remove the relevant content; or
  • follow the takedown request position statement in relation to alleged copyright infringements; and/or
  • exclude you from interacting with the Library website by suspending your user account; and/or
  • report your actions to the relevant authority.

Removal of any content on the Library website is at all times within the discretion of the State Library. The State Library reserves the right to terminate your account and/or block your future interaction with the website.