Community Drug Action Teams: giving the NSW public a voice

What are Community Drug Action Teams, why they are important and how can you get involved?

Visit to Broken Hill

PLS staff recently visited Broken Hill for the day

Vale Helen Woodward

The Library was saddened to hear of the recent death of former Assistant Principal Librarian Helen Woodward. 

Having problems with your neighbours?

Need a new fence? Neighbour's tree damaging your property? Too much noise coming from next door?

Across the curator's desk: Elizabeth Gould letters, 1828-1839

Letters that inspired The Birdman's Wife by Melissa Ashley, written by the wife of celebrated ornithologist John Gould to her mother in England.

Across the curator’s desk: Tapa cloth collected by J. Hunt, 1847

This book was published in the earliest years of the colonisation of Fiji by one of the first Wesleyan Missionaries

Drug info hub tours NSW

Twelve libraries hosted the hub during the period January to June 2018.

Ask a Curator day

Wednesday 12 September 2018 is Ask a Curator Day — where museums and galleries from all over the world get together on Twitter for a live Q&A.

How to approach drug issues with your family 

Talking openly and honestly about them with your family, particularly your children, is one step you can take to prevent drug problems.  

Cultural competence program

166 NSW public library staff enrolled in online cultural competence training in 2018.

Ethnographic Video Online: Indigenous Voices

Five hundred hours of documentaries, feature and short films made by Indigenous filmmakers and communities.

A site set for the future

Go behind-the-scenes on the Library’s new Michael Crouch Family Galleries and refurbished Dixson Galleries, opening soon.


New program for seniors

Find out about the new Piano Forte program

State Librarian visits the coast

Spotlight on MidCoast and Port Stephens libraries

Statue of Governor Bourke

What's new with Australia's oldest public statue? Find out what we're doing to the Sir Richard Bourke statue, which stands outside the Mitchell Building.