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The End of the World is Bigger than Love

2021 - Winner


Captivating and highly original, The End of the World is Bigger Than Love is the story of twin sisters, Summer and Winter, surviving in a remote location after an event that has ravaged the rest of the world. Through the twins’ alternating and unreliable narratives, Bell creates a compelling story that is suspenseful, engaging and in equal parts hilarious and devastating.  

The book is ambitious in scope and form, successfully exploring themes both global and personal – from grief, love and betrayal to climate change and cyberterrorism. It is also about storytelling itself. References to classic literature throughout not only add depth and resonance to Bell’s descriptions, but also draw attention to the artifice of fiction and even the ways we use internal narratives as a means of coping with trauma.  

In this, her first book for young adults, Bell expertly explores issues relevant to her audience, posing important questions about what it means to live at a time when human existence is under threat from our own misdeeds. The End of the World is Bigger than Love unflinchingly presents the gravity of our predicament and the horror we are capable of, as well as the hope that love and compassion offer. It deserves to be a young adult classic for years to come.