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Macquarie Island World Heritage Area

Students examine photographs of Macquarie Island taken 100 years apart

Student activities

Task no. 1

Download resource (413.2 KB)

100 years apart

Download the attached resource and answer the following questions.

View Sources 1 and 2 taken 100 years apart. Discuss why and how the areas and wildlife shown may have been protected.

Locate and map the Macquarie Island World Heritage Area on a map of Australia that includes New Zealand and Antarctica.

Locate the nearest countries, states and population centres. 

Formulate questions for inquiry:

  • What are the major natural and human features of the Macquarie Island World Heritage Area?
  • How do people’s perceptions of the Macquarie Island World Heritage Area influence its protection?
Young sea-elephants and Royal penguins at South End; Macquarie Island
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