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Places in New South Wales

Student activities

Task no. 1

Download resource (518.15 KB)

Places in New South Wales

Observe Sources 1 to 8 collectively and discuss what each place is like and how each can be defined by scale (personal and local), and then answer the questions below.



  • Is this a built or natural place?
  • What features do you see?
  • Are there people? What are they doing?


  • What is this place?
  • What mode of transport do we use to move within this place?
  • What activities would the people do in this place?
  • How does this place provide for these activities?
  • Is this place at a personal or local scale?

Task no. 2

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Examining places

Using the table in the downloadable resource, cut and paste the images from Sources 1 to 8 into the correct row, there are clues to help you. Use the wordbank to complete the blank cells.