The Library’s vibrant awards program continues to bring together writers and readers to celebrate and promote excellence in literature and history.  

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An opportunity for emerging children’s authors

Are you an emerging children's author? We are delighted to offer this one-off opportunity. 

National Biography Award


Total prize money $42,000 

Entries for the 2020 Award are now open. Entries close 12 February 2020.

NSW Premier's History Awards


Total prize money $75,000

Entries for the 2020 Awards will open in February 2020

Shorstacks Short Film Festival


Total prize money $20,000 

Entries open 20 November 2019 – 2 April 2020.

NSW Premier's Literary Awards


Total prize money in 2020 $295,000

Entries have now closed



Mona Brand Award

Biennial - next presented in 2020

Total prize money $40,000



Ashurst Business Literature Prize

Total prize money $30,000

The Ashurst Business Literature Prize will not be offered in 2020. 

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Awards in association with the State Library of NSW

Miles Franklin Award

Annual award of $60,000.

Nita B. Kibble Literary Awards

Biennial award of $30,000.

Dobbie Literary Award

Biennial award of $5,000.