Curator's Choice

Our Curators discuss the Library’s amazing collections and share their favourite stories.

The 'belt and road' report for the early Colony

In this presentation Maggie Patton discusses an infrastructure report to rival today’s nation building projects.

Holding up Her Majesty's Mail

Sarah Morley discusses the impact of the gold rush on surrounding communities, particularly the challenges faced by postal contractors transporting gold between townships

Every picture tells a story...

The collections of the State Library hold over a million images — each one capturing a moment in time.  

In Love & Friendship

How did the portrait come to be at the Library? And how does this little-known work relate to Russell’s artistic practice, as recorded in letters to his friend Tom Roberts, also part of the Library’s collections.

A Day of Mourning: Protest Photos from the Tribune Newspaper

Join curator Ronald Briggs as he discusses the images which provide a visual account of this important and consequential act of defiance.

Walls Speak!! Protest Art

Join Curator Margot Riley for this online tour of some of the many striking political posters found among the more than 10,000 Australian posters in the Mitchell Library collection at the State Library of NSW.

Aboriginal stories through the PIX lens

In 2008, the ACP photo archive, including the negatives for PIX magazine, were donated to the Library and recently digitised. Indigenous curator Ronald Briggs will share some of the stories behind the people, places and events recorded in these images.

The Atlas - The World in a Book

The Library has a wonderful collection of rare atlases that are historic, beautiful and informative.