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Anecdotes concerning Sunday schools in Parramatta... by Thomas Hassall

that God would in much mercy make this a season of refreshing to her’s and the souls of those around her – God seem’d to hear prayer on her behalf and since this time herself and one of her sisters have been received as teachers amongst us. To encourage teachers to attend to their scholars when they meet them in the course of the week as well as on the Sabbath I state the following account which hope will prove acceptable – Anecdotes for New South Wales A teacher one evening hearing a boy from the was laying in wait for the purpose of beating another boy who had spread some unpleasant report against him; sent for them & enquired into the causes of complaint – after which he shewed them the great evil of spreading evil tales (however true they might be) that would tend to injure their fellow creatures. Both appeared stiff, the elder boy seemed determined to have his revenge & the younger persisted in stating what he heard to be true. Another boy was soon after brought as being the founder of the report. He altered the case materially in favour of the elder – who to our great astonishment burst into tears and cried “O Sir I might have done these things and worse before “I came to the Sunday Schools but I am sure I have never done so since.” The teacher then shewed the evil of sin as manifested in our wicked tempers more especially in that of anger and revenge; pointed to the Saviour who said – ‘Do good to them that hate you Bless them that curse you – Pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you – 7 Matt 44. and led them to